Damn SONGMINHO Did It ㅁㅊ

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Why does his solo song sounds so good? I saw a song named BODY on the chart and I was wondering about it so I listenned to it and I like it so much that I keep listenning to the song.
The song is totally my style. I saw the song's info and SONG MINHO was the one who made it! Woahh It really suits with this dark night.
I liked the song so much so I watched the MV too. He's freaking handsome and sexy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Now I have a song that I will listen for a long time.

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1. (+134, -44) YesㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠIt’s so good. That kind of sentimental hip hop? It’s not really sentimental hip hop but what d’you call it…..anyways, I loooooooooooove this kind of music so muchㅠㅠㅠ I was listening to it at night and almost died from it being so good. SONGMINHO’s music seems to go well with listening at nightㅠㅠ♡

2. (+125, -14) The song is good and all but why is SONGMINHO so handsome?? Really crazy.

3. (+124, -12) If you listen to this with earphones, on your bed, lights off, and volume slightly off, it is freaking good. I love this sort of dreamy and sexy music. SONGMINHO seems to be really good in composing this kind of music, like Pricked and Different.

4. (+90, -3) I thought it won’t be good because he’s an idol rapper. From Fear to this song, this song also has as an effin attractiveness to it. SONGMINHO, gotta admit he’s good!

5. (+85, -3) He’s seriously fucking good looking.

6. (+83, -1) I think I fit well with SONGMINHO’s music. I loved Pricked the most and I love Body as well.

7. (+78, -2) SONGMINHO composes songs good to listen at night, like Pricked.

8. (+76, -2) All WINNER music is good.

9. (+74, -0) The song is so good, Congrats 

10. (+74, -0) Even the MV is hot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


  1. I have listened to body more than 100 times.

  2. Its 2017 and yet im still inlove with it!