PANN: Just a Regular Park Hyoshin Fanboy

Is WINNER's Nam Taehyun

Hyoshin and Taehyun match really well.
Power to Taehyun, hoping he comes back strong and awesome!
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1. (+85, -4) Taehyun-ah, how you always worked on your music wherever you were and never took your hands off music. Please come back to us healthy just like the musician you respect.

2. (+77, -3) Sharing music on soundcloud and communicating with fans even in this situation. Sorry and Thank you, Nam Taehyun. Everyone, please listen to Nam Taehyun's cover of Park Hyoshin's songㅠㅠRooting for my singer's fanboying!!

3. (+75, -3) A Fan(stan)muda Triangle*pic* completed by fans of Nam Taehyun becoming fans of 'fan of fans' Nam Taehyun fanboying Park HyoshinㅋㅋRooting for Namtaehyun's fanboying! Taehyun, let's see each other again with happy smiles.

4. (+39, -0) Taehyun ah, come back well and healthy!!!! Always will be waiting for you!! KangNamKimSongLee Fighting♡

"Nam Taehyun's comment on Kim Don Ryul- My very own, App Beat.

It doesn't have to be a lover,
the people by my side right now,
I want to call them 'my very own'.
The people who believe me, support me, and love me.
The reason why I'm happy now
is also because of them, isn't it?
To me, you're all 'my very own'."

5. (+37, -0)  Nam Taehyun who took his equipments with him whenever he went to Japan to work on music in concert waiting roomㅜㅜ

6. (+33,-0) I'm a Park Hyoshin fan who was just passing by..Nam Taehyun is famous for being a fanboy of Park HyoshinㅋㅋㅋEven all of Hyoshin's fans know this. I remember bursting in laughter after seeing that Fanmuda Triangle made by WINNER fans. Anyways, I was surprised at the news and I hope to see you standing before your fans in good shape. It is both cute and sweet that he is a sincere fan of Park Hyoshin!! Giving power to Nam Taehyun and all his fans.

7. (+31, -0) Huge fan of Park Hyoshinㅠㅠso cute. He almost dies from happiness even at the sight of a video of Park Hyoshin.

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