Title: During "Interrupted Activities" Nam Taehyun Releases a Recent Pictorial like Photo

Nam Taehyun who has stopped activities due to mental health issues, released a recent photo.
On the 12th, Nam Taehyun posted a photo on his personal Instagram.
In the photo Nam Taehyun used exotic scenary as a background creating an atmosphere as if it was a shot from a pictorial.
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1. (+3,800, -315) When you're having a though time psychologically , it's even more difficult if you lock yourself at home. Rather travelling like that becomes a confort and is god for your mind.

2. (+2,543, -197) When you're having mental health issues are there photos you can and cannot post?

3. (+2,105, -196) What's wrong with this photo? When you are having mental health issues are there photos you can and cannot post? What kind of nonsense is that ㅋㅋ

4. (+1,846, -214) Did the journalist write this article so Nam Taehyun would get hate? It was obvious the reaction will be like this and yet what is your reason for bringing up a kid who is hurting psychologically?

5. (+1,747, -220) They clearly said he was having a hard time psychologically and was taking a break and during this break a photo he wanted to share with his fans from a trip has malicious comments. The comments will be captures and passed on.

6. (+561, -57) If you just stay at home when you're hurting, it gets worse. You need get around and eat tasty food and meet people.

7. (+423, -50) That folks can't wait to rush to something like this to post malicious comments is disgusting.

Title: WINNER’s Nam TaeHyun who is on halt on activities expressed regrettable feelings.

On the 13th, Nam Tae Hyun uploaded on his SNS a picture with the content “I just want to sing (I just want to sing), and captioned Yes”.

Nam Tae Hyun’s fans left about 3000 comments along with their pain (of not being able to hear him sing) saying “I want to listen to you sing”, “I want to listen to oppa’s songs”, “My ears are all for you” etc.
Reporter Kim Youngrok from

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1. (+163, -25) Because of Yang Hyun Suk….

2. (+146, -22) Where did the activities for EXIT went this year. Put Nam Tae Hyun back to all the activities that wasn’t doneㅜㅜ

3. (+137, -19) The songs that Nam Tae Hyun made already can be a title song. Why aren’t you ordering a comeback..

4. (+131, -19) I want to hear the emotions that were in Sentimental, Baby Baby and I’m Young again but the company is YG.

5. (+130, -22) It’s bitter… How much he wants to sing... but, health is of top priority..take care of the body first...

6. (+52, -18) I like all the songs that Nam Tae Hyun made and want to listen to it more and even though I don’t know what happened, I hope one day we can get to listen to good music again.

7. (+49, -17) Find strength Taehyun-ah. We'll wait for you always.

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