NAM TAEHYUN, "Stop Malicious Comments and Creating Rumours...Will Cooperate with The Police On The Investigation"

Title: NAM TAEHYUN, "Stop Malicious Comments and Creating Rumours...Will Cooperate with The Police On The Investigation" [Complete Original Statement Included]


1. (+2,167, -103) Some people think being sued is as simple as spending a day at the police station to be interrogated and paying fine as if one pays bills, but they will find out for themselves to their very cores how much inconvenience and mental stress their daily lives have to suffer from when they are constantly called to the station and how mentally exhausting it is when the cases are taken to the court.

2. (+1,770, -82) One should not have mercy on the malicious anti commenters. Hope they really get punished.

3. (+1,405, -83) People who got nothing else to do at home... Why would you want to spend your life harassing others?? The only answer to this is to sue...They will learn to get their heads straight once they get punished.

4. (+1,158, -61) Rubbish to rubbish bins and malicious antis to the police stations.

5. (+1,056, -83) The only answer to circulation of false malicious rumours and malicious anti comments is to sue.

6. (+218, -10 ) I don't know of rumours related to him, but I know that lately there even are organised groups of people who create and spread 'hearsay', not just disseminating hearsay. These people just can't let celebrities that they are not fans of get on well with their lives by creating ridiculous rumours and encasing the celebrities in this frame of rumours. Get your fair share of prison time, you horrible di**heads.

7. (+191, -14) If you show mercy to these antis they will only get more frantic, thinking they won't be punished.

8. (+202, -18) He has been suffering [from them] since pre-debut days and He has really endured and endured again. Malicious antis are not even humans seriously.

9. (+194, -16) Even at this moment the antis are frantically active on twitter. To sue is the only answer.

10. (+168, -11) NAMTAEHYUN please sue them. They will never changeㅜㅜ

11. (+147, -6) Hope they all get rightly punished for what they have done. Hyung, fighting.

12. (+142, -7) NAMTAEHYUN, I know you have been suffering a lot. Don't you show mercy on them. Fans, let's take pdf captures more diligently.



  1. This is a good decision I hope they sue everyone that tried to destroy Nam Taehyun's career.

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