WINNER wins #1 on Inkigayo "WINNER is the WINNER"

Title: [MusicTalk] "WINNER Crowned 1st Place for the 2nd Time in 'Inkigayo'...Even in Music Shows, 'WINNER is the WINNER'


1. (+1001, -17) WINNER's music is just so sophisticated and modern.

2. (+777, -14) Their reputation follows their name, for real. WINNER!! KangKimSongLee, let's succeed on and on this year.

3. (+612, -12) Congratz.

4. (+611, -22) KangKimSongLee Let's fly high!

5. (+282, -5) Their music's so good that it must be only right to bring good result~ Congratulations.

6. (+219, -4) First of all, the dudes are just so nice. No need to mention once more how talented they are. They are an interesting group that keeps on attracting my eyes and heart^^

7. (+209, -5) WINNER have their own colour and their music is so good. I really like groups like WINNER. Love WINNER.

8. (+184, -3) I like you!!!!!(Neol-Joe-Ah-Hae)

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