WINNER's 1000 Days Since Debut still strong on Charts after 6 weeks!

Title: [MusicTalkTalk] "Survival WINNER →Long-running WINNER"..History of WINNER's 1000 Days Since Debut.

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1. (+388, -3) WINNER is a group that the members themselves make their own music that they have so much talent in them to show, and for this release, lots and lots of people recognised their talent, making the promotion much more meaningful..I'm looking forward to their next album, next comeback!!!!

2. (+368, -3) I'm looking forward to WINNER's next 1000 days.

3. (+344, -3) #1000days_with_WINNER It's amazing that the they are high up on the charts even with all the bombarding of new releases and the song being a self-composed song without any featuring of a celebrity singer, and I am so proud. Congratulations on 1000 days since debut and will support you even more and more!


5. (+292, -1) Treasure and love all 4 of you~

6. (+135, -0) WINNER is the kind of group you look forward to their next move.

7. (+122, -0) WINNER is the best. KANGKIMSONGLEE let's be together for a long long time.

8. (+118, -0) No matter which path you, WINNER, decide to take, I will be there with you guys. Hope that path is a flowery path. Congratulations on 1000 days since debut♡


Title: "Crisis? No"...WINNER's 'REALLYREALLY' Is Their Best Hit Since Debut.


1. (+372, -2) WINNER! They are no doubt Idols that are loved by the public! The song is soooo good that it will stay high on the charts for a long time!

2. (+354, -1) 6 weeks in, and this high a ranking on the charts right now, is this real life?ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

3. (+335, -1) ㅠㅠㅠI needlessly got emotional after reading the articleㅠㅠ WINNER let's go a long way!!

4. (+317, -4) Among songs released this year, it's👍(the best).

5. (+287, -3) WINNER let's go the long way. So happy. Thank you to Yang Sehyung as well.

6. (+132, -0) The song is sophisticated that it doesn't get tiring on the ears and is a long-running hit..When the song hit No.1 on the charts when it comes out, most people would have already heard it by that point that it's difficult to climb back up to the top a while after its release, but it climbed back up again from a one-digit rank ㄷㄷㄷ

7. (+128, -1) Not just because it was feature on a show, but also because the song was good that it climbed back up the charts. Didn't really expect it go see it on 5-min graph as it's on its 6th weekㅜ I become more in love with WINNER because they are growing well with the songs that the members themselves composed and madeㅠ

8. (+112, -0) Hope they brush~brush~ off all the heartaches they had and have fun during the rest of their promotion period..Chairman Yang, thank you so much for extending the promotion period it May. WINNER exists because Hyunsuk exists!!!

9. (+109, -0) WINNER is the winner

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