"Demand to Cancel SONGMINHO's Guest Appearances on Ikon Tour."..Fans are Angry

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1. (+2752, -83)  Is it necessary to continue the plan when both sides don't want it? Do they have to send him abroad not once not twice but 14 times just to appear briefly as a guest? This does not seem right.

2. (+2270, -34) Both sides hate it. YG get yourself together already. Just let them be. Why you gotta continuously bundle em up to deteriorate the relationship [between the two fandoms].

3. (+2212, -39) Please listen to what fans are saying. How much longer are you going to close your eyes and block your ears?

4. (+1735, -30) We demand YG's feedback!!

5. (+1674, -41) Thank you for publishing the report! YG, you need to give a feedback ㅠㅠ This is just too much. Japan YGEX needs to reflect on itself as well. I heard it's YGEX who is in charge of marketing in Japan.

6. (+527, -10) I'm excited for SONGMINHOxBobby unit. But why are they performing it on stages of ikon japan tourㅋㅋㅋThe news is like the sound of bolt out of the blue for both WINNER fans and ikon fans.

7. (+474, -9) This is not good for any of the two sides. Really, who came up with this kind of an idea? What are they doing by making him tour with another group as a guest for 14 concerts not even in Korea but abroad when WINNER's albums are pushed back. What is this craziness?

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