Today’s Winner Japan concert which some said had failed

Anyone welcome to repost. I’ve seen posts that tried to run Winner down in other web communities, so please either repost this or post rebuttal like this one.

Winner who got bad mouthed yesterday in Enter talk section with over 15 page worth of posts that say Winner’s Japan tour went bust.

First, this is the location for the Kobe concert yuppyupp

This is the largest hall in Kobe ward, the Kobe World Memorial Hall (photo is an example of how the hall looks)

FYI, Winner held at the Arena-sized location

although artists usually hold 2days of concert

Winner held concert for 3days

Winner’s Japan management company is Avex Group, which is very strict on their no filming, no photo, no voice recording policy.
In fact, there even was a fan who got kicked out for voice recording Winner’s rehearsal
But, today it was slightly less strictly monitored, so people were able to take more pics

Today is the last concert of the Japan tour, Kobe concert

First off, video clip

Front half of the hall 

Back half of the hall

The half-oval way back is also packed

Also, for FYI this is a pic that doesn’t show the half-oval in the back

Winner light stick that changes colour depending on which member is singing

They held concert 3 consecutive days in this hall
Also, all 4 concerts held in Tokyo Arena (*MakuhariMesse) and Hukuoka are sold out completely
*MakuhariMesse is Japan’s largest convention center

To explain a little about Winner’s Japan tours

Winner has went on Japan tour side by side at the same time as appearances and stages in Korea since their debut in 2014 and as any rookie would started on a smaller scale.

2014 Zepp Tour
2015 Hall Tour
2016 includes concerts in even MakuhariMesse and Kobe World Memorial Hall as well

Like the above, they are increasing the size of their tour.
Furthermore, just so you know, Winner has been on Japan tour for
3 consecutive years on their debut album
—In Japan, physical album release is a big part of promotion.
However, as for Winner, this E album has been released on streaming sites for streaming and download but no physical album in Japan, according to Winner fans who were in or visited Japan said that there wasn’t proper promotion.
Despite all this, Winner continued to tour in Japan
I wish you wouldn't insult Winner if you don’t know well of the situation.

So, Winner had a successful conclusion to their tour, and all there is left for them to grow even more.

Winner, thank you, you did an excellent job on your tour!!

+) Congratulations for the Seoul concert too, 2 days concerts were all sold out on site sales ㅇㅇ

1. (+172, -105) I’m really curious as to what they are so afraid of that they have to even fabricate stuff just to bash Winner. Sportsworld reporter Kim Yongho has been bullying Big bang and now reporter Yoo Gibaek is on to bullying Winner. There must be something good about these artists that some people want to keep in check for these reporters to be bullying like this. I’m hoping what goes around comes around hard on ‘those’ who fabricate and bash others.

2. (+150, -6) To be honest, the manipulations to bash Winner is always in the same pattern…..seriously, gives me the creeps

3. (+142, -5) Do you know how creepily organized the people who try to bash we are? They posted the same post that bashes Winner’s concert with exact same title and contents on more than 10 big web communities regardless of whether the community is female based or male based, putting concert fail as one of related search suggestions on search engines

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4. (+76, -0) As a matter of fact, that photo was before the concert began ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Obviously, not everyone is seated, but concocted a false story that the concert was empty and spread it to all sorts of female based or male based web communities, pann, gallery, and instiz, saying that Winner’s concert failed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋl So, fans looked into Japan concerts because they don’t know the details due to these anti-fans. Concerts were all sold out and they didn’t open all the seats in the hall. Also, they held concert in the same hall for 3 consecutive days. On the day of the concert of which the photos are uploaded on this post, the seats were all open and sold out. You will be able to see that they are all filled up ㅋㅋ Winner debuted in Japan barely a month after their debut in Korea and went on Zepp tour the moment they debuted in Japan. And for a year and a half, they didn’t have another album. However, the year after Zepp tour, while in hiatus, without new album, Winner went on another tour on the same setlist without as much as a single new song. They released a mini album early this year that includes only 3 all-member songs. So, in layman’s terms, they went on the same tour with, not counting the solo performances, just three new songs. For three years. But, the number of audiences increased compared to last two tours. In Japan, online released songs do not give much promotion, but physical albums do. Nonetheless, they didn’t even release a physical album for this mini album. And the tour began just days after the release of the songs. The other post described it as if Winner is collapsing, but do you think it is easy to do as well as Winner to go on tours immediately after debut? ㅋㅋㅋㅋl It is amazing just by the fact that they sold out tickets with almost exactly same setlist for 3 years. That a**hol* that used a photo of the unopened seats before the beginning of the concert to bash Winner saying that they are flop for nearly 12 pages on Entertalk section, what goes around will come around to hit you hard. These people probably think that by bashing Winner their faves could become world stars or something.

5. (+72, -0) Come and read this, please ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Wasn’t it all loud here about Winner’s concert since several days ago? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋl And now, why can’t you say something? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. (+65, -0) This is a video filmed today. The concert on Saturday strictly restricted filming or photos that we really couldn’t even get any photo, let alone videos. But, thankfully, today’s concert was being filmed, so there weren’t restrictions, and thus, some videos have been released. 

7. (+56, -0) They’ve been on Japan tour for 3 consecutive years just on their debut album that was released in 2014. Do they have to fill up Tokyo dome or something for you to say that they’re not flop? Seriously, all you haters and sasaengs go die

8. (+55, -0) I’m a BBC, and there is a line in Zico’s Tough Cookie that goes, “you can try to shave me down but I just get more carved to sophistication”. No matter how hard you try to bash Winner, it isn’t gonna do anything. More power to Innercircles!!

9. (+55, -0)This is even scarier than ghost, really. Mino added this phrase in his art work, indeed… really suitably
(Pic: what a relief that you still think ghosts are scarier than the world.)

10. (+43, -0) I’m not a fan but I think Winner is being criticized so badly. If it’s Exo or BTS, people will think fans are so aggravated. But with Winner, people just believe in those faked evidence. If don’t see this, I could think that Winner is bad ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I like the song ‘I’m Young’ personally. Inseo fighting!