PANN: How To Determine Whether Your Music Taste Is Non-Mainstream

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WINNER [ SONGMINHO & NAMTAEHYUN ]'s song PRICKED. The most minor-ish(not mainstream pop-ish) song among all current idol music.
People either love it or hate it.

They say the song reveals its true value if you listen to it at late night or dawn

1. (+216, -14) I've just listened to it and I love it. Is my music taste minor (non-mainstream)?

2. (+189, -19) It shows that SONGMINHO is such a genius. If you listen, you can hear how in the hook it isn't sang as [sa-rang-ga-shi] but instead [sa-rang-gashhh~]. Gash in English means deep scar.

3. (+153, -15) Guys, you really gotta listen to this at late night or dawn. If you listen to it in your bed, right before sleep, with lights off through earphones after raising the volumes, it is fan☆ta☆stic. It is a bit away from mainstream, but it is the song of my life, for realzㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. (+72, -0) The song itself is good but the chemistry between SONGMINHO and NAMTAEHYUN is crazy, really. SONGMINHO singing in the intro is good too.

5. (+40, -0) I hella love it. Except for my fave artist's music, WINNER's music is what I listen to the most. I like WINNER's own(?) music style. I also really love DIFFERENT. I extremely love it (PRICKED).

6. (+30, -0) People either love this song or hate it? I'm not even their fan, but I damn love it, for real. Hella good. Listen to their voice colors;;; Tho it seems like a YG style song.

7. (+26, -0) Personally, I extremely love it.

8. (+23, -0) When SONGMINHO sings I still say good bye~, he is so damn sexy;;; I don't know about other parts but that part is dope.

9. (+22, -0) I like this song....

10. (+21, -0) WINNER's DIFFERENT is also crazy good. FYI I only listen to hiphop but I fell in love after listening to this onceㅠㅠㅠㅠEveryone, give this song a listen.

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