Psy and WINNER, Captivate Chinese awards show….BestConcert+Most Popular Overseas Artist Award

WINNER won ‘Most Popular Overseas Artist Award’ and delivered gratitude in Chinese to their fans in their acceptance speech. They fascinated the audience with a touching and sophisticated performance of ‘Sentimental’.
WINNER drew more popularity with their new release early this year, ranking No. 1 on China’s largest music service provider QQ Music’s MV chart and K-pop MV chart. WINNER displayed their influence in China region by taking No. 1 spot in QQ Music KPOP Streaming Chart for the first half of the year, disclosed 28th of July, with ‘BABY BABY’. 
Moreover, WINNER appeared in ‘Happy Camp’, the most popular show of Chinese channel Hunan Satellite TV, and helped the show reach No. 1 in viewership ratings. WINNER has also proven their great popularity as ‘Half-moon Friends’ (a.k.a Bandal Friends) recently surpassed 100 million views in the popular Chinese mobile application MiaoPai.

1. (+1005, -40) Winner is doing really well Congrats on the Most Popular Overseas Artist Award!!

2. (+968, -65)  If Winner’s entertainment management company send them out for appearances at the right times, they will be much better off. The management is blocking their way. Even when they have barely appeared few times on music shows and released music only twice, they are really popular in China and Japan. I don’t know what the company is doing. YG, why are you like this?

3. (+768, -22) Winner, Psy both amazing

4. (+697, -24) Go YG! 

5.(+480, -28) Woah Winner is popular in China. Setting No. 1 viewer ratings in Happy Camp!

6. (+200, -9) Winner
ㅠㅠ so proud. Please appear more in Korea ㅠㅠ Please ㅠㅠㅠ

7. (+180, -9) As expected, Winner!!!!!!!

8. (+162, -4) Congrats Winner!!!!! Proud of you!! Want to see you on stage!!