PANN: Rank by Number of Downloads of Idols' Songs From When They Were Rookie

1. 여자친구 오늘부터 우리는 2,021,846
2. 여자친구 시간 을 달려서 1,727,241
3. 트와이스 OOH-AHH하게 1,717,883
4. 위너 공허해 1,613,808
5. 아이콘 취향저격 1,598,332
6. 트와이스 Cheer Up 1,478,262
7. 마마무 음오아예 1,534,481
8. 마마무 넌is뭔들 1,302,515
9. 레드벨벳 Dumb Dumb 1,228,220
10. 러블리즈 Ah-Choo 1,117,138
11. 레드벨벳 Ice Cream Cake 1,092,945
12. 여자친구 유리구슬 1,018,127
13. 위너 끼부리지마 1,004,834
14. 아이오아이 Pick Me 848,795
15. 여자친구 너 그리고 나 809,563

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1. (+33, -4) These types of facts gets me proud of WINNER once again..hehe WINNER is the first idol group that I have become a fan of. For WINNER, I've went to a fanmeeting, a Hi-touch fanmeeting, and a concert all for the first time in my life and even have waited 14 hours just to see WINNER's performance..Waited for WINNER in the rain to see them at an open fan signing event, took the first ride and the last ride back home to see them, bought magazines that I don't used to read just because WINNER photo shoot is included, purchased candles that I don't even light just because WINNER members have chosen the scents. It was difficult enduring the hiatus but never have I ever felt like I wanted to stop being their fan. I will never regret being a fan of WINNER even when I look back to this moment in my forties and fifties.

2. (+32, -2) Thank you WINNER for making music and for being WINNER. I will forever support you!!!

3. (+32, -4) When is WINNER coming back?ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Some people at Pann propagate as if WINNER's days are over but if you look at actual numbers for the most recent album, WINNER is 2nd among male idol groups and that is awesome. yupp yupp. Also, WINNER, when they were out with Empty, was called the monster rookie, won at music show only 5 days after their debut, lined up all their songs from top 1 to top 10 in all music charts, swept up rookie awards, and had 1 and a half year hiatus, during which quite a number of fans left, but still is 2nd among boy groups. If these records are indicators of a failed group, how bad is the situation for groups ranked below WINNER? WTF

4. (+18, -1) So proud of WINNER, for realㅠㅠㅜ

5. (+17, -2) Woah people be hating them on pann everyday but take a look at that class .... ㅋㅋ

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