"Stop giving false hope" YG, when will you let WINNER go out of your jewel box?


1. (+377, -5) It's October now but only E was released.... It isn't supposed to be just 1 (album) for 1 year right? ㅋㅋㅋ

2. (+352, -4) It's not a jewel box at all, it is exactly a prison. Honestly speaking, I even doubt whether they are included in that box or not. They are winner of the survival show but they are treated nothing like one. It would be better if they didn't tell us anything about this 1 year (project), that badass company.

3. (+327, -3) The precious kids always stay in jewel box... ha...we can only sigh.

4. (+303, -2) At this rate, it's a pity that fans at the age of 10+ and 20+ are likely to leave the fandom already. Let the precious kids go out and let the public know more about them please.

5. (+279, -3) The all year long project is already gone ㅜ

6. (+150, -0) Since the beginning, it's so unfair to let them hit big then drop down like this. It's like just a couple of days ago, during debut era I've heard that they were called monster rookie. They didn't have any activities all the year 2015 and the promotion this time was also short then they disappear again. What are you doing YG? Just thinking about why they didn't do anything to push WINNER up in 2015 makes me mad.

7. (+150, -2) Please take a look at Got7 and Red Velvet who also debuted in 2014 and joined the same award ceremonies with them... They have released so many albums. So why on earth they locked WINNER up like that? There are many fans who leave the fandom but we can not do anything, it's all YG's responsibility. Since their debut , is there any activity that you have been able to do properly?

8. (+131, -0) They have done well when they debuted ㅜ Since last year they completely disappeared, they should have had many activities this year, right? I feel so heavy.

9. (+128, -0) Reporter, thank you for writing this article which told exactly what Inner Circle think ㅠㅠㅠ I'll support your career with great articles like this in the future.

10. (+127, - 1) Ha I can not say anything. No matter how tired and difficult for fans, YG still have no intention to make a move. So fans don't have any solution and only be able to wait for the thoughtless company YG ㅠㅠ I feel bad for WINNER who have to let their precious time fly and their fans who are waiting too.

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