Title: SONGMINHO might get himself on the blacklist* after his Infinite Challenge appearance.

*Recently it was revealed that the president and high level officials made a culture/entertainment section blacklist of some 9,000 artists who have expressed concern with the current government or who did not follow what the president ordered, like some of South Korea's most famous cultural figures, including Oldboy film director Park Chan-wook and poet Ko Un, whose name frequently surfaces in discussions for the Nobel literature prize... Now President Park was impeached and Investigators step up inquiry.

The lyrics of the song by SONGMINHO X HAHA based on the life of Admiral Yi Soonshin aired today on Infinite Challenge.

Infinite Challenge SONGMINHO lyrics interpretation version:

난 새니까 날아가(Nan SehNiKka Nalahgah)
: I'm a bird so I fly
☞난세니까 나라가(NanSehNiKka Nalahgah)
:Because the nation is at a turbulent state
영웅들아 나와라: Calling all heroes to come out

현 시국은 다를바가 없는 레드오션
:Current status is no different, a red ocean
이순신 동상 앞에서는 동장군이 오기전에
하나로 모여
Before the statue of the Admiral, before General Winter comes, 
we all gather together
☞metaphor of the peaceful candlelight demonstration at the KwangHwa square in which stands the statue of Admiral Yi SoonShin

타올라라 타올라 꺼질때까지 burn it
:Burn, burn Until it dies down burn it
☞Continue the candlelight demonstration until Park Geunhae is no longer president

난 겁이나 겁이나 배 멀미나 멀미나 
:I am scared scared I am sea sick sea sick
☞refers to Sewol Ship tragedy regarding which there is much explanation needed and questions to be answered
모르겠어 난 아버지 정답을 알려줘
:I don’t know father father Give me the answer
☞Asking for clear investigation to reveal the truth about the 7hrs after Sewol Ship started sinking

내 신발은 명품 아닌 짚신
:My shoes aren't of luxury brand but of straw
☞refers to the prada shoes worn by Choi Soonsil who wrongly manipulated the Korean government

십상시와 맞서고
: We fight against the Ten Attendants
☞ refers to a list called 'Ten Attendants' list which includes rogue politicians

약하지 (weak) 않아도 우린 똑바로 섰지
: Though we aren’t weak, we stood up straight
☞ 약하지 (do drugs) 않아도 우린 똑바로 섰지
: Though we don't do drugs, we stood up straight
--약하다 means either to be weak or to do drugs
☞refers to huge amount of viagra bought by the Blue House

잘 돌아 돌아간다 혜야
잘 놀아 놀아간다 혜야
: So well it goes goes around Hae-yah(exclamation)
So well it fooled fooled around Hae-yah
☞Calling out the president(Park GeunHae) using the exclamation 'Hae-yah'

The first letters of the words (circled in green) come together to create the famous sentence Admiral Yi wrote in his letter to the King when he was left with only 12 ships.
It reads, Mi-Shin-Bool-Sah-Sang-Yoo-Shib-Yi-Chuck, which means, Your humble servant has not died yet. I still have 12 ships.


1. (+318, -5) Though we aren't weak/didn't do drugs, we stood up straight parodically criticising viagra purchase dangㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋFk Genius.

2. (+229, -5)  MINO I really like you really in so many waysㅎㅎㅎㅠ

3. (+229, -3) A song by Leehi that features SONGMINHO, Worldtour, the song is so good and the rap part is crazy daaaaaarn goodㅠㅠㅠㅠYou should all give it a listen.

4. (+109, -0) SONGMINHO is really likable. I'm a VIP and watched him whenever he was with BigBang, and his personality is so likable. Fun, nice, kind, just the kind of personality I love that I am really really fond of him. He raps well and he's good looking, and I like him the best after Big Bang.

5. (+107, -3) SONGMINHO writes lyrics really well. Of course his rapping is my style but styles are a matter of personal taste so,,, And when I watched the performance, I got goosebumps in SHOOT (쏘아/sso-ah/) part when the stage turned red,, daebak.. This boy here is a lyrical genius but got in the wrong company.

6. (+72, -1) When the show revealed a bit of the lyrics one line at a time as a teaser, I was bombed with thumbs down for saying that the lyrics are good on Naver.Now, when the song is out, the reactions changed completely..I think people are prejudiced against him for being an idol.

7. (+67, -2) I'm a bird so I fly, I thought this referred to GaeSae(He'sStrong/DamnStrong-from MINO's song Im Him), but it actually was "Because the nation is at a turbulent state"ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


  1. Song Mino is seriously a genius haha!! His lyrics have always been impressive...
    No wonder why he has so much credibility in the hip hop scene..our talented kid 😭

  2. so is he going to be blacklisted? 😕

  3. The love's real~ im so proud of him! As expected of our MINO \(♡♡)/

  4. I love how witty the lyrics are, so many interpretations in every line... As only Mino can do.
    For instance, the designer shoes vs. Straw shoes can be understood like president who spends a lot vs. Traditional Korean shoes made of straw Admiral Yi wore but also wealthy political class vs. Working class in actual Korea.

    I dont know, father, give me the answer besides referring to his previous song is full of meanings. It can be a Sewol child asking his/her father why that happened to them or asking to God, it can be citizens asking God why that happened, but also it can refer to the president, whose lawyer recently stated she doesnt remember what she did in the hours after Sewol incident or citizens asKing God to give an answer to presen5 political situation in Korea.

    i couldnt be more proud.