WINNER, Comeback Imminent..Currently Filming MV.

[Exclusive] WINNER, Comeback Imminent..Currently Filming MV.

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1. (+3,201, -70) Wooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

2. (+2,569, -56) Wow Finally Seriously fighting, WINNER!!♡

3. (+2,370, -80) At lastㅠWINNER is coming backㅠ

4. (+1,942, -49) I can wait until whenever so let's only walk on the flowery path🌸

5. (1,819, -47) Kyahhhhh.

6. (+560, -15) OhYeahOhYeahOhYea!!!!

7. (+522, -14) Oh Daebak(OMG) WINNER honestly is destined to be successful, because it is a group made of some of the most talented people by field, singing-KANGSEUNGYOON, rap-SONGMINHO, dance-LEESEUNGHOON, looks-KIMJINWOOㅠㅠ

8. (+476, -9) Um, YG is really something. Announced exit and didn't release X I T for a yearㅋㅋㅋ Hope they got good songs using the long time.

9. (+457, -9) Woah WINNER Let's fly in 2017!!!!!

10. (+459, -10) Whatever WINNER does, they’re awesome. WINNER is the best❤
("위너 is 먼들❤️" => '뭔들’ is a popular and cute word that means... you don’t mind how a person you love behaves or looks. So everything he or she does is OK for you. In other words the person is GOOD at everything/Whatever the person do is beautiful and looks good on him or her^^)

11. (+411, -8) They always had a fresh conceptㅠ Im so excited for this time as well!!!♡

12. (+393, -8) Give them a good push with a public friendly song. I'm not their fan but I like their music.

13. (+371, -8) I'm very curious about WINNER's new music~~~~~

14. (+353, -6) You know that WINNER is coming back!! ㅠㅠ  they've been working so hard lately ㅠㅠ

15. (+348, -6) WINNER hit daebak♡

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  1. 6. (+560, -15) OhYeahOhYeahOhYea!!!!

    Literaly me when i read the news! Hahaha~ dang.. its been a year already since E happened. We badly need fresh music nowadays~ and i like everyone else, im also curious to their new color.