Title: 'Flower Crew' KANGSEUNGYOON, " WINNER, We Can Do It!", the Class of a Leader


1. (+973, -7) So grateful for the fact that KANGSEUNGYOON is the leader of WINNER. WINNER has the best leader. 

2. (+867, -5) It's so heartwarming that he is thinking about WINNER even at that momentㅜㅜ Thank you, WINNER's leader KANGSEUNGYOON.

3. (+731,-3) Our Captain KANG is truly the best.

4. (+716, -4) This only a bit after he got discharged from hospital from flu...Seriously, thank you so much. Our leader is the best in the world.

5. (+697, -4) WINNER, let's only walk on the flower pathㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. (+629, -3) KANGSEUNGYOON, I love you. You are always so heart-touching.

7. (+566, -3) Surely you are the best leader as well as a true winnerㅠㅠ

8. (+556, -3)KANGSEUNGYOONㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


9. (+162, -1) KANGSEUNGYOON, the best. For real. 

10. (+153, -1) Our maknae leader KANGSEUNGYOON who always puts WINNER first, I am so grateful to you and love you.

11. (+152, -2) SEUNGYOON, you've worked so hard💓WINNER can do it!! Let's comeback soon. 

12. (+145, -1) Thinks of WINNER wherever he is.. KANGSEUNGYOON, thank you for being WINNER's leader. WINNER let's soar high! WINNER can do it!

13. (+137, -2) So grateful that KANGSEUNGYOON is our leader.

14. (+74, -0) KANGSEUNGYOON's love for WINNER. We are excited for the comeback. 

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