WINNER Will Film 2 New MVs Abroad Next Week!! #WINNERisBack

Title : [Exclusive]Big Wave of YG To Come..WINNER Will Film 2 New MVs Abroad Next Week...


COMMENTS ( even tho YG insider mentioned other group, the top10 comments are about WINNER. We didn't omit anything^^)

1. (2,395, -91) Daebak(OMG)~~^^ I’ll wait, WINNER Fighting~~!!

2. (+1,988, -74) Finally Come Back!! WINNER let’s become greatㅠㅠ

3. (+1,719, -82) OMGDBHJKASDFHL WINNER I love you.

4. (+1,574, -70) WINNER let’s see you very soon.

5. (+1,395, -57) Please come back quickly~~~

6. (+418, -16) Want to see WINNER soonㅠㅠ

7. (+400, -14) "위너's back"  WINNER’s back.

8. (+398, -14) Go abroad WINNER!! Go abroad!! Oh yes MVsㅠㅠ

9. (+383, -15) We will be waiting for you, WINNER on stage!*
* WINNER X INCLES famous catchphrase. WINNER supporting you on stage (무대위 너희를 응원해 on (위) + you (너)= winner)

10. (+381, -18) I’m so excited for WINNER’s come back. Please make it soon~~~KangKimSongLee Fighting


  1. Pls dont hate me on this but i really feel bad about the Ikon kids whenever I read knets reactions' esp if theyre on the same page with their Winner hyungs.. their public recognition is just very low in Korea.. hope YG will promote them more in their country too same with Winner..T___T ANYWAAAAYS~ Friggin finally!! A COMEBAAAAACK!!! Cant wait for March~

    1. I think it's also because this particular article's title only mention Winner (cmiiw).