"LONGEVITY, Variety Shows, Sing-Alongs" ... WINNER's 8 weeks that was REALLY REALLY intense.

Title: "LONGEVITY, Variety Shows, Sing-Alongs" ... WINNER's 8 weeks that was REALLY REALLY intense.

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1. (+616, -2) Praise and support for 4-member WINNER (parody of a catch phrase in the show Knowing Brothers, 'Praise for ~~/칭찬해').

2. (+545, -1) The more I listen to it the more I love it!!WINNER fighting!!

3. (+537, -2) Exactly, so show us yourself more oftenㅜㅜ Chairman Yang Hyunsuk please let us see these talented guys more often.

4. (+526, -2) I think the song will climb back up the charts when summer comes. It's been 2 months since release and still very high on MELON chart ranking. It'd be great if they get the SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD.

5. (+483, -22) Interestingly, I can't get sick of this song.. gotta admit that the song is great! also gotta admit that MINO is coolㅋㅋㅋ

6. (+244, -1) I became a fan of WINNER after listening to their amazing song, watching amazing performances, seeing their amazing fashion styles, and realising each member's charms from different variety shows. REALLY REALLY so well made that it does not get tiring no matter how many times you listen to it every single day. FOOL is great too. The public response is so good, so YG's gotta let them come back in the summer like they wish.

7. (+242, -1) This album promotion has really made a name for WINNER as an artist. I am looking forward to their next album.

8. (+230, -0) I've been listening to the song nonstop whenever I drive to work ever since the song came out. It just makes me feel so happy when I listen to it while driving..Guess there is a reason why the song is a long-running hit: it's good.

9. (+215, -2) REALLY REALLY, a great song and KANGKIMSONGLEE, such lovely people~~~Let's continue the success for a long time~~

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  1. thank you for translating!! i can't believe that they're promoted so much lol. last time with sentimental yg only gave short (yet amazing) bandal chingu. i wonder if bandal chingudeul watch their teachers now xD