WINNER's Longevity Still Going Strong


Title: [MusicTalkTalk] WINNER's Longevity Proves Exhaustion Is Not in Their Dictionary

ⓒ OSEN via NAVER: Link

1. (+326, -0) I listen to it everyday. It's really really truly good.

2. (+286, -0) I listen to it everyday on my way to work. This release is really good~~~

3. (+277, -0) REALLY REALLY is super dancy. I'm looking forward to what's next💙💙💙

4. (+276, -0) 4.3 million streams according to Gaon on its 9th week since release!! It's the ONLY SONG, other than the Goblin OST, that surpassed 4 million steams on 9th weekㅠㅠ I am so proud of WINNER!!

5. (+259, -2) REALLY REALLY is such a great song,,,a refreshing song,,,Let's continue being successful!!

6. (+115, -0) The song just does not get tiring on the ears.

7. (+101, -0) WINNER is really living up to their name, awesome.

8. (+100, -0) So excited for what they have in store for their next album.

9. (+97, -0) It's cuz the song is good...let's continue the success for a long-run~💙

10. (+95, -0) REALLY REALLY & FOOL. Both songs are so good. WINNER is the best!!!


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  1. Thank you so much for translating. Keep it up 😊